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  • Apr 15
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Adel, Georgia
  • Slim Away
  • 7

I have bought two of the slim away and booth times the zipper has turned up and had to trash time. I do not need one hundred words to tell you this product is not a good product to buy. Why dou need a one hundred words to get the zipper is no good . My waist is between the fits up to fifty " waist. The only thing I can say is that It works if the zipper works. This should say no more than one... Read more

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  • Apr 08
  • Products
  • Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Frying Pan
  • 15

As I was washing the slipstone frying pan I just bought 2 weeks ago, I was rinsing the pan when suddenly the handle cracked right off.Right where the button is to bend the handle inwards is where it cracked off.Only very poor quality would cause this.I read the return policy which is a total joke.Read it and tell me how many products do you think they actually replace or refund.It sounds like a... Read more

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  • Mar 30
  • Products
  • Los Altos, California
  • Cancellation Policy
  • 21

Telebrands/Everyday$avings is a huge scam!!! I've attempted to call to cancel a "membership" I/we never signed up for. They've been quietly charging us $15 each month. We have never signed up to receive or use the "gift cards" sent in the mail via Everyday$avings. These look like every other piece of throwaway junk mail. I called 1-800-777-4034 (a contact # I searched for via web) to attempt... Read more

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Just want to get refills for peg egg Add comment

  • Mar 11
  • Health and Beauty
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Positive Experience
  • 38

Purchased this item about a week ago and LOVED it...worked amazingly well...only problem is that you can't get refills !!?? I called the company and was told that they don't sell refills so now I'm stuck...if I want to treat my feet again, I'll have to go out and buy another one at $14.99 :( Very disappointed as it really did a great job and I was very impressed. I can't think of more words to... Read more

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  • Mar 04
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Jewelry
  • 42

My Husband Bought Some Zip-Socks (As Advertised On T.V). (As Advertised)...When He Ordered Them, He Was Asked By Someone From A Company Called Telebrands! If He'd Like To Order Some Jewelry, As Well For His Wife And He Verbally Agreed To This (By Phone)!...Not Being Told. Or Knowing, That The Jewerly Would Be Arriving Once A Month, & The Expensive Jewerly, Would Keep Comming!,This Needs To... Read more

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  • Mar 03
  • Products
  • Hose
  • 20

ihave purchased 4 pocket hoses all of them sprung leaks called cust service for telebrands and just got a runaround from 3 people at 20 apiece its gotten expensive to replace them. would be nice if it wasnt such a leaker for no reason customer serv at telebrands is ridiculous they all give you the same response. they really need to be more customer oriented and try to satisfy the customer. have... Read more

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  • Mar 02
  • Products
  • Orgreenic Frying Pan
  • 15

Your frying pan does not work as advertised. I followed the curing and heating instructions to the letter and I have yet to have my eggs slide out of the pan without using butter or oil. In fact this morning was another scrubbing chore to get the burnt on mess off your Orgreenic pan! There are many well built non-stick frying pans on the market and Yours Is Not One Of Them! Your Orgreenic pan is... Read more

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  • Feb 12
  • Sport
  • Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • Abs Rocket Twister
  • 12

i had bought abs rocket twister and its black wheel is broken and spring is loosed. i complained before 6 month ago but no response is taken of my complaint. whenever i ready to pay money of those item. please please help me and no product buy of these company. i had bought abs rocket twister and its black wheel is broken and spring is loosed. i complained before 6 month ago but no response is... Read more

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I ordered a wincleaner on the 27th of January on the feb. the second I call to check the status of the order and CSR. Jordan said that I have to wait a three to six weeks to have it. the CSR Jordan said that is the way they do it and I have to wait. I ask hi! to cancel the order. is a bad customer service from them. I do not recoemd them at all Add comment

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