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    • Light weight 16
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    • Burst very quickly 24
    • Leaks and bursts 12
    • Poor quality 11

Don't forget to tell people that squirrels like to chew through it I have I have one and that's what happened to mine so I wasted $30 Add comment


After ordering on a Saturday early a.m. show i checked my online bank statement and it looks like the are trying to charge me twice ! I called and they claimed these charges will be adjusted when shipped and quoted me an amount $20.00 more than the receipt i printed out . i called and tried to cancel the order and all i got was a runaroung from an indian call center all they could do was offer was to give me $10.00 off over the inflated price , also did'nt realize there was a 3 to 6 week shipping time what joke ! If i would researched this... Read more

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Hello I purchased another rocket hose black 50 footer this makes 8 of these hoses I bought I love them for the light weight but the newest one I just purchased is leaking right out of the box my names Chuck Bateman 2169 Elmore Avenue Columbus Ohio 43224 if you send me a self addressed package I will ship back to you all so it can be replaced my home number is 614-596-6520 thank you kindly Chuck Bateman Read more

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The first time I used the unit the adhesive would not come matter what I tried...I spent $9.99 - What a waste..the LED light worked just fine...I had to throw it out...z z x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z z v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v vvv v vvvv v vvv vv Read more

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I ordered two of the 100' Pocket Hose Top Brass models, and though one of the two sprung a large leak after minimal use, Telebrands Customer service was very responsive and immediately placed an order to have a free replacement sent to me. They are not the manufacturer of this product, and I know the product itself has received poor reviews, but Telebrands service was excellent. I will use their service again in the future and believe that if you treat people respectfully, they will do the same. As far as the pocket hose is concerned, I hope... Read more

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Piece of ***. Don't buy it. Add comment

Both the paid for and "free" hose are ***. Then again they are on an informercial for God sake!!! Why they suck: very limited water flow, fireman's nozzle is a joke, never rewinds, extremely expensive, like other "free" offers - hold on to your wallet, customer service designed to keep your money...make profit on shipping, hose designates rapidly, advertising VERY misleading. Outside of that,great product. Read more

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Telebrands - Review about Hurricane Spin Mop from New Baltimore, Michigan
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I love the mop set up but to get the mop head off is a pain.we followed directions and mop head never loosened when we pushed handle forward it snapped. Poor quality to break to easy. I had ordered new mop heads last week and now have no mop. Please sent me a replacement mop. You can see where it broke. Very dissapoint rd. Please contact me at Read more

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I order the skinny plate on March 4,2016.....after 3 weeks telebrands cancelled my order but said i could reorder again uf i wanted to...the item had an expected delivery time of 3-6 weeks...i later learned that they offered an item that was already out of stock ....i am truly unhappy with my experience with telebrands Add comment

One my first Aluma Wallet, the hinge broke. I resorted to duct-taping across the hinge to secure it enough to allow its use to continue. Another Aluma Wallet (I bought two), which I duct-taped at his hinge before beginning to use it, then broke its (plastic) latch. I am using a rubber band to keep it closed between uses. I tried to exercise the Aluma Wallet's limited warranty, but thw website, but Microsoft's Internet browser "Can't reach this page." Read more

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