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  • 10 hours ago
  • Landscaping and Gardening
  • Pocket Hose 25
  • 4

I bought a Pocket Hose after seeing it in a neighbor's yard. She said her first one burst, but she bought another one. I bought one and used it for a month, then it burst. I bought a second one and stored it inside when not using, as the instructions said, and it still burst. I saved my receipt from Home Depot....but it was one week past the 90 days return policy....but I'm hoping to get my... Read more

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  • Aug 29
  • Products
  • Broken Watch
  • 8

I purchased a Lionel Collectible Train Watch from a seller on e-bay. It did not work, so I had 3 new batteries installed. The time works, but the sound does NOT! The watch repair person tried a couple of different "new" batteries before saying that there was a problem with the watch. Unfortunately, the e-bay seller will not take the watch back, and I don't know if TeleBrands will exchange it for... Read more

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  • Aug 25
  • Products
  • Burst Pocket Hose
  • 1
  • 1
  • 17

I purchased a pocket hose ultra from CVS in the amount of $19.99 on March 29th, 2014. It expanded and contracted just as advertised. I was pleased. But after using it only a few times because we are in our rainy season here in Florida the pocket hose formed a huge bubble and burst. The hose is only five months old. I would like to know what recourse I have. I think it is reasonable to ask for a... Read more

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  • Aug 24
  • Products
  • Houston, Texas
  • Misleading Order
  • 11

I placed an order for the gloves on July 12,2014 for my 92 year old Mother. They told me only black was in stock. Did not receive them so called July 19. Could tell they had a programmed response. "Did not expect so many orders so would not ship until Aug. 23". Received card Aug. 24 stating still back ordered. Called and told at least 2 weeks. Ridiculous! Reporting to all networks and Fox. They... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • Products
  • South Euclid, Ohio
  • Ruptured Hose
  • 19

I bought the hose at the beginning of theis summer and used it a very few times. It ruptured almost immediately and split open. Now what do I do to receive my money back. I thought it was such a clever idea to have a lightweight hose that was easy to handle. i have read the many complaints and see that I am not alone. Please tell me what to do to be compensated for the price of the hose. I... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • Shopping
  • North Providence, Rhode Island
  • Hurricane Mop Heads
  • 21

Ordered back on June 2, 2014 two additional Hurricane mop heads which I paid for and check cleared immediately. It is now August 22, 2014 and still no mop heads. Called their customer service which is very hard to connect with and was given every excuse under the sun and lied to constantly by their rep who I think was in India. He contradicted himself with each lie. This is the only time we... Read more

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  • Aug 20
  • Online Shopping
  • Bad Hose
  • 13

We bought a pocket hose and after several uses it blew a hole in it.I think your advertising is misleading. We did not abuse it. your advertisement says it it should last. It was stored inside and was protected from extreme temperatures.I feel you have a bad product and are misleading the public with your advertising.Please list us among your unhappy customers. bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Landscaping and Gardening
  • Kentucky, United States
  • Pocket Hose
  • 12

Bought 2 fifty ' hoses for our camper in Oct 2013. One start leaking in April and the other in June. We don't camp often, they were not overused or abused. We dried they as suggested and stored as suggested. We never left them on the hot surface. I really liked the hoses. The concept is very good, we loved using them the little time we had them. The price was right and I was soooo much... Read more

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  • Aug 18
  • Products
  • Leaky Hose
  • 9

I purchased the 50ft pocket hose and it leaks from the faucet and will not go through the hose to use it. Here I spent $19.95 plus tax and it doesn't work. I would appreciate a new one and I've seen new and improved ones. Maybe this problem has happened to other people so that's why they had to improve the hose. So far dissatisfied customer. Now I have to pull back out my old hose to water my... Read more

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  • Aug 13
  • Products
  • Hurricane Mop
  • 25

I bought the hurricane mop great deal unless you want to ring the mophead out it spins the handle loose every time .I tried to call customer service for a replacement ,the recording was not very helpful. I would not recommend the hurricane mop sounds great but was a disappointment in the end.I think it would be helpful if you're company would actually have a customer service number the customer... Read more

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