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  • 2 days ago
  • Products
  • North Platte, Nebraska
  • Pocket Hose
  • 6

The packaging for the pocket hose definitely needs to be reworked! It's totally not environmentally friendly! The seal of the plastic container is very difficult to open. I had to use scissors, which isn't the safest or easiest since the product is made of fabric. I hope this type of plastic is recyclable. Even if it is, it needs to be reinvented. Or, eliminate the *** plastic container... Read more

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I purchased the balloon bonanza and the balloons were no bigger than maybe a clementine, and the smallest is the size of a quarter. Add comment

  • Jul 03
  • Products
  • Staten Island, New York
  • Pocket Hose 50 Ft
  • 10

I purchased this POCKET HOSE through a Mail Order house On the second time I used it the Hose built up a Bubble and exploded in my hand. This is a peal piece of GARBAGE Know I have to purchase a new 50' hose but for one thing it will not b a POCKET HOSE If anyone wants to purchase this type of hose is out of their mind{t is a good idea this hose but the quality is by far very,very poor.I think... Read more

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Motion sensors do not work on the light angel. Add comment

  • Jun 20
  • Products
  • Montgomery, Texas
  • Antique Lantern
  • 8

We were given a gift. an Antique Lantern With LED lights. We put in two size D batteries as instructed. and nothing happened. The batteries work fine in our flashlight. So what do we do now? Hate to tell the gift giver it's no good. I'm sure they will ask the next time they come over. They wanted us to have it in case we had bad weather, and our lights were off for a while. The lamp is cute. ... Read more

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  • Jun 11
  • Products
  • Edmonds, Washington
  • Pocket Hose 50
  • 28

I purchased the hose at a drugstore. Used it very carefully, about every 2 1/2 weeks, for 2 months. One day while watering, the hose blew apart sending water everywhere, including on me. Half of the inside and outside were split open. I had heard complaints from other people, but decided to try the hose. My mistake! The hose was used according to the instruction on the cardboard casing. I... Read more

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  • Jun 10
  • Products
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Pocket Hose 50 Ft
  • 11

Bought this 50ft. Pocket Hose last July (2014) at 'Target', Sarasota FL. Hardly used it last year until about 2 months ago I purchased a Azalea bush which needs watering 1-2 times weekly. Last Sunday while watering, the hose sprang a large leak sending up a forceful spray of water! soaking me and everything else around it! I have always handled the hose carefully, and when not in use stored it... Read more

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Ordered Wincleaner ,they screwed up online and put down wrong address . Order sent back. Reordered, been two months . Still waiting. Scam?????? Add comment

Just bought this at sears and Zipper is not working or broken. Add comment

  • May 30
  • Products
  • Souderton, Pennsylvania
  • Pocket Hose 50 Foot
  • 16

After 2 sessions of watering one pin hole leaked in mid hose. After taping that hole, another one appeared not far from the original. Another complaint is the ability or inability to open the packaging. It is impossible! The "top" does not come off having to cut it open with a heavy cutting scissors fortunately with out cutting off a finger with the extremely sharp plastic. And no!!! I did not... Read more

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