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First pocket hose we used it 1 time the second time it leaked at the connections. Second pocket hose leaked right out of the package.

Third pocket hose busted during the second use.

This seems like a really good product at first. I am very disappointed. I thought the first one was my fault.

I had it near a sago palm. When the next 2 leaked, now I believe that is product is defective and I will NOT be purchasing another one these.

I don't know they can make the claims they do and deliver the poor quality. Extremely Disappointed.

Review about: Telebrands Pocket Hose.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Do NOT buy these hoses!! We purchased two and they both broke within minutes of use!

One broke 2 minutes of being hooked up, the other survived long enough to water some plants (maybe 5 minutes). We took our money from the 2 *** hoses and bought a cheap but rugged REAL hose.

These hoses would be so convenient if they worked. Don't waste your time or your money!

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