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I went on the Alumna Wallet official site two months ago, thinking about purchasing their product. After filling out the information form I decided NOT to purchase something so hard after all and immediately deleted all my information from that page.

Luckily for me, I was looking over my online banking account today, so I saw a hold on $22.62 that I had no idea why it was there or who it was from. After calling the bank and being told it was Alumna Wallet, I called them to complain, explaining I had never submitted the purchase in the first place!

After trying to tell me my order had already shipped (which I new wasn't true)I disagreed with the sale rep who then offered me a $5.00 discount towards my bill.

Again I declined, being so angry that these thieves "happened" upon my information two months after the fact and took it upon themselves to ship their *** out to me regardless of the fact I didn't want it anyway.

Bottom line is "Stay away from this company" and any company like it! They also sell The Green/organic pot and pan sets and other items. Yes, I was lucky enough to stop them in time, but more and more I'm finding these online companies to be fly-by-night types that will DO ANYTHING to get your money!

BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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