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Telebrands charged me with three lint lizards and I only wanted one.They say you can track your order but you can't.I have tried to track my order because they said it has been shipped after I called them and told them I wanted to cancel my order,so if my order has been shipped why can't I track it.This is a company I would tell everyone to stay away from and not to order anything from them or they will get you to.PLEASE I'm asking everyone to stay clear of this company PLEASE.

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I got taken by this lousey company too.They charged me for myzoneheadphones that I NEVER received.

I think we should sue this company for their bad practices.

They clearly are morons!DO NOT order anything from these jerks.


Sounds like this is a scam that the government needs to learn of and shut them down. If anyone wants to join me in a class action lawsuit, please respond to me and I will see just how big this scam is. Then we can decide how far to take this.




I'm on hold right now with them because they added a second one, even though I only wanted one.I've told him I wanted to speak to their manager to address my concerns about their website.

He just put me on hold.

I'll stay on hold until the battery dies on my phone, if I have to, and then I'm calling my credit card company and tell them this was an unauthorized charge on my account.If they don't pick up soon.


They did the same to me, keep telling me to call back the next day and will put a hold on mt order

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