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What a SCAM!!! I feel so naive. Sure, I thought $10 + S&H for the "buy one, get one free offer)would be worth giving it a shot, right?... Well if they didn't charge $6.99 PER SET, it might of been. So, instead of my total being around $14 as I expected, it ended up being $23.98! Which will put my credit card "over the limit," as I only had $19 available to spend. The $29 "over the limit" fee that I will have to pay, IS EVEN MORE THAN THE PURCHASE ITSELF!! So really, I will end up paying a total of $52.98 for these *** things, instead of $14 as I expected!

IF I HAD BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE to review the total charges of my order, PRIOR to confirming my payment, I would have changed my mind on this purchase altogether. I suppose I am just naive, but i didn't realize companies could do this!! As I have ALWAYS had the chance to review my order PRIOR to a payment.

I FEEL SO DECEIVED. Even if I end up LOVING "Bare Lifts," (which I HIGHLY doubt-due to countless poor reviews that I JUST found online) I will NEVER recommend them OR purchase them again in the future because of Telebrands greediness & deceit.



Monetary Loss: $52.

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I learned too! This company offered 2 items that were similar to the orginal 'lifts' order.

I declined one, but missed on the otther. Also - if I would have been able to review my order, I would have opted for the 'rush' deliver of $9.99.

Now, my card is charged the $27+ fo s/h. I will contact the BBB to report this company and hope they will be closed down.


All I went so far as to turn them into the New Jersey Better Business Bureau. I have received a case number and they are looking into this businesses terrible practices.

I too was ripped off and called them repeatedly for several days in a row and got nowhere, so I turned them in.

I'll keep you posted and let you know if anything happens.


Exact same scenario, hidden shipping and handling charges, misc., mystery charges totalling $23.98. Product was Heeltastic. Outrageous rip-off!


I agree on all the comments above it being a BIG rip-off on the shipping cost. I have never heard of such a ridiculous cost for shipping....guess they dont need repeat customers as i will not buy from them again due to the rip-off on shipping...They will lose all their customers doing people like that!!!


Call Debbie at 1-201-843-5600. She is the head of customer relations. Direct line with no waiting!!


I feel your frustration!!! No chance to review order before they put it on your credit card!!! Ridiculous s/h charges AND apparently I ordered 60, yes 60 petal covers....ugh, I am so beyond frustrated with this company!!!!

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