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Received several books we did not order. A few weeks ago my 98 year old Grandfather received a call in regards to books we allegedly ordered , during the conversation I made it clear no order placed from us for books do not solicit our home nor send any products .

a few minutes laterb 2 more calls from same person with a foreign sounding voice I again stated the same , and investigated the name of the company and location , the person would not give details only that we placed order.

we now have received a package of several books that cost $69.50 and $9.99 Rush order charge " thats just plain deceptive not only did we not order this but rushed an order of books we dont need or want I investigated GVC and website states the same books on special for $29.95 what a scamy shady company clearly this is a 3rd party attempting to Victimize Elders "" site states no charge will be filed until after the order is mailed" called rep would not clarify direct questions regarding alleged order kept shifting me from dept to dept """""Lawyers Class Action Lawsuit ""Red Alert""decpetive uncounscionsable fraudulent business victimizing elders several complaints on internet alos known as QVC

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I give it up to you. Hang in there 'til the end.


Go get 'em! They need to be stopped or they'll keep doing this to people! I'm so happy you're not accepting this ***!

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