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I received an email offering two 10" Orgreenic frying pans for the price of one (19.99) plus shipping approximately $7. I just received my order and it was one 9" and one 12" frying pan and they charged me $46.97 including shipping.

Then I received a gift card worth $15 to spend online at WWW.telebrands.com. Subject to modification or can be discontinued at anytime without notice.

Plus you have to pay the shipping and handling and taxes on top of that.So I am losing more that $19.99. This is just a big rip off.

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Dispute it with them and then contact your Attorney General if you are not satisfied with their solution, which will more than likely be that they can refund you some asinine, arbitrary amount, like $5 or $10. Please dispute this with your AG, because this company will continue to defraud people as long as they can get away with it. They really need to be stopped.

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