I will never order from that company again. They do not send order confirmations or delivery confirmations out with any heeltastic order and they take a really long time in shipping which tricks you into a second order,since you never received any order confirmations on the first order.

In the future its better to just pick up the product at the mall, it works out to be cheaper.

The 14 piece accessory kit is also a piece of junk, hence its free with purchase. There are also other complaints online about the company they certainly do not seem like a professional business.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Be careful.

Entered an order. Before I confirmed the order, checked the final tally and discovered that shipping charges were going to be $37.97 (totally unacceptable), so I backed out of the order without confirming it.

Received an email thanking me for my order, even though I had not confirmed the order.

Now have to try and get through to their customer service and cancel.

Once again Be Careful!!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #138375

They ripped me off too!!! All I ordered was the $10.00 intro and I get this package full of *** that I did not order!!

Meanwhile they have charged my credit card $68.00!!! I send package back with explanation that did not order this stuff, then couple days later get ANOTHER package from them!! For this one they charged me $23.98!! I never got any paperwork from them either, that's so you have no proof you were ripped off!!

I have been trying to get my credit card company to help me for months, they finally said I have to pay it becauase the company sent them "proof" that I had ordered all this junk!! It was THEIR handwritten order, which anyone could have done.

NO PROOF of my original order!!!!!!!! Glad Im not the only one, sounds like FRAUD to me!!

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