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Ordered the '2 for 1' Chef Dini on TV one night. Got an endless string of additional offers that I wasn't sure I had actually declined, and wound up talking to an actual human being at the end who said I had won a free cruise. I had no idea what she was talking about and she was just as confused that I had wound up with her. I kept staying on the line waiting for an order summary on the "2 for 1 for $39.99" offer, but it never materialized so I didn't know how much I had spent until the box arrived with THREE items. Two of them were alleged 'upgrades' for which I had been charged $44.98 EACH and a 3rd one that was supposedly a different model; got charged $22.98 for that one. Total was $112.94, which comes out to about $37.65 a piece. That would not have been bad, but I was supposed to get one FREE and did not/do not really want/need a third one.

I looked on, and they have one that sells for ~$29.00 and comes with the salad spinner basket (which none of mine has), and is also free shipping. The reviews were very positive about the product, so I think I'll just stash the other 2 in case I need replacement parts. And if I haven't used them by Christmas, somebody at work is getting one in the gift exchange and the other will probably go to some charitable organization. If you are really keen on getting one of these, go to Amazon; their customer service is outstanding.

Lesson learned. Do not succumb to the temptation to pick up the phone and order something off the television at any time (much less late at night) until you've had a chance to research it. And trust me, those 'hurry-up-and-buy-this-it's-a-one-time-good-deal' offers are bogus. Flip through the channels next will still be there.

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