Annville, Pennsylvania

The telebrands company is conceived in sleaze and dedicated to the proposition that there is a sucker born every minute. I wrote that to the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

They contacted TeleBrands, parent company of Aluma Wallet. The response from Telebrands was that "it is unfortunate our customer had difficulty maneuvering though the (telephone ordering) system" and "Telebrands feels that this matter is fully resolved".

I responded to the Atty General that the phone system is deceptive and the fact that they eventually refunded my money is beside the point. I am not the only person who got screwed by telebrands, there are 22 pages of complaints in this site and I suspect that is the tip of the iceberg. I mentioned the fact that reputable businesses ask for your credit card info at the end, not the beginning of the call.

So...I recommend that everyone who had the same sordid experience contact your state Attorney General and spell out the problem to them. Include reference to this site and the youtube reviews of the product.

Review about: Telebrands Customer Care.

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