I originally bought the Alluma Wallet at Walgreens as a gift (it was only $10 and I've seen it advertised on TV)...It says on the packaging that it protects against that electronic scanning theft and I thought, since my husband had since credit card number stolen I'd be a good idea to have something like that. I opened the package and was confused at first as to how it opened.

I knew it was probably the first time it had been open, and, like opening a jar for the first time, it may need some elbow grease. I honestly didn't try and pry it open that hard...the outer shell of the case just fell off.

I'm not surprised since it looks like there was 2 pieces of double sided tape holding it together. How, then, would it protect against water damage if it won't even stay together without even being used?

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I have purchased 3 of these things. The latches broke on 2 of them in the first week of normal use. What a waste of money, what a lot of phoney advertising.


You admit to breaking it yourself the first time you tried to use it. Way to go champ.

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