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I purchased one of these in the spring when Home Depot had them on sale. I loved it. Looked nice in the front of the house, was light weight and perfect for watering plants and filling the bird bath. I

I bought another one for the back yard. I released the pressure as soon as I finished using them. Only once did I use the back one for an extended period to water a dry area. Two weeks ago I was cleaning the bird bath and POP water all over my back as it burst at the faucet.

Today we planted some new plants in the back and as I went to water them in I looked down to see a water balloon forming at my wrist and POP water all over me.

I guess it is back to the heavy but reliable hoses.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Hampton, Virginia, United States #901564

yeah i replace mine every year but they are so great its worth it. stop being cheap and buy a new one its only 20 bucks or 6 gallons of gas

Brunswick, Maryland, United States #723551

I actually like the hose, and wanted a longer one. I went to the website and ordered a 100ft.

hose. I saw they added a second hose which I didn't want. I couldn't get rid of it, so decided to phone in the order. Couldn't get a person.

There were lots of products switches, i.e. do I want this or that. It offered free shipping for an order of a 25 ft. hose.

I agreed thinking I'd give 2nd hose to a relative. Then it offered speedy shipping for $9.99 otherwise i'd get the hoses in six weeks. NO GO. I could not cancel.

A $85 pending charge is on my cc. I phoned B of A to have this backed off.

What a pain. Never again.

Vicksburg, Michigan, United States #711673

Yea I ordered 2 - 100 ft hoses by phone and they sent me 4 - 50 ft hoses because they didn't have any 100 ft hoses. 1 broke at the joint right away and others started leaking any where in between the connectors.

they will keep sending them as long as I keep calling them about the bad hoses. They are finally sending me 2 - 100 ft NEW HOSES ( don't know if thats new or new style ) either way I wish they would just give me my money back. What they don't know is every time I break one I will call and they can keep sending them for ever. When I have about 20 to 30 bad hoses I will pack them up and send them all back so they can see they're junk hoses 1st hand.

There must be one heck of a lot of bad hoses because they don't question anything, they just send new ones all on they're dime.

They do suck but I was lucky enough not to buy them from a store and now that I have them hooked, I don't care if I go through 500 hoses I will keep calling and calling. I would recommend buy rubber hoses, heavy yes but durable.

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