I ordered aluma wallet on line and was charged for more items than what i ordered, I tried contacting them to cancel the order to no avail. There online order system is a scam and they charge you for what you didnt order I ordered 1 aluma wallet that included free shipping and i was charged for 4 aluma wallets and shipping. They do not give you any option for checking your order before you place it and once you submit any part of your order without price confirmation the order is plced and you only get the price after the order is done and cant be deleted

Monetary Loss: $70.


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This item is a piece of ***. No none should do business with this lame co.


I ordered 1 and was sent 4. I was charged $38 too. What a rip off!

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I ordered 1 get one free plus free shipping total amt 10.98 my account was charged 41.94 for 3 and then you can't get customer service help to cancel. This company is a scam and I would advise anyone that wants a aluma wallet to go to the store and buy it.


i ordered 1 wallet somehow was charged for 4 plus no way to cancel order


I ordered an Aluma Wallet as well for $11.00.I then get a $6.00 deduction out of my account.

Then I check and owe $15, then $17, then $22. I sent in a email complaint to them and they said they would reply back. I get my reply saying I have to go online to handle it and it asks for my customer number and order number as usual. I log on to check and my order history is gone.

No number, no complaint form.*** company.


I also ordered the alumna wallet and was charged for more than I what I ordered.I didn't even get a chance to review the order.

How do I contact them?

Help?Please advise?


I ordered alumawallet sine in may still havn,t receive it send an email so i can get a refund up till now no answer no refund


I just ordered three of them and the same thing happened to me(total bill-$79.00) That's BS! Does anyone know how to cancel the order/


Thank you very one to take the time to write these reviews. I think I'm going to head to Amazon or eBay.

Thanks again, you probably saved me lot of time and stress.


i made a wrong order online and called to have them fix it and they did for me.

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