I have been trying to cancel an order from Sterlington collections and the jewelry just keeps on coming and I keep refusing and it doesn't get canceled off my my credit cards.

Please send me some way to get in touch with these people so I can cancel as they are a division of you all.Maggie Swafford 8423 N.E.

Wygant St.Portland,Oregon 97220 email jojotillie1@msn.com purty please as I am on a fixed income and cannot afford all of this, Please please please please please please please please please please help help help me


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Trenton, Michigan, United States #1331719

Maggie Swafford call 1-800-695-4444 customer care center


You need to contact sterlington jewelers.If not, call select customer services in Jacksonville fl, they are the ones that forced this on you.

Lastly please try the BBB in Jacksonville fl.They need to be aware of this, there are many in the same boat

Dallas, Pennsylvania, United States #1295294


Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1198515

I just received a postcard from them stating jewelry order is due to ship on 16th.We did not order jewlry.

My husband ordered a light and paid for it with debit card. I hope they don't use that and charge us for the jewlry. There is a phone number to call which is 1-800-695-4444 on the card.

I tried calling but they are closed on weekends.Hopefully this number might help you.

to Anonymous #1324289

Please contact the BBB in Jacksonville fl. The company that called you is select customer services in Jacksonville. They slam sales and need to stop it


I don't need anymore jewelry so please please please stop sending me the jewelry I already have enough jewelry already I don't need anymore jewelry from your jewelry stuff ok so please no more jewelry and take my name off of yalls list ok please


I don't want y'all to keep on sending me anymore jewelry I have enough jewelry already I don't need anymore ok so please stop sending me some jewelry I don't need or want please stop please


That why you pay with a prepaid debit card.

Strongsville, Ohio, United States #792318

I loved what I received and had absolutely no problems ..I called and cancelled and they never charged me again and within 3 weeks I received my refund after I returned one of my items ..thank you for a great trasaction and very nice non pushy customer service agents ...

to Anonymous Gainesville, Georgia, United States #988284

please send me the phone number .as the company keeps sending jewelry i didnt request.my name is Phillip email drewone54@yahoo.com ph.404-552-3085 thanks.

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