I also got ripped off by crazy critters. They gave me no chance to review order to make sure everything was good. It just went thru and there was no way to immediately cancel it on line. I was suppose to get 1 item for $10 plus 1 free item and $6.99 shipping. They charged me for 2 $10 items and 2 free items and a $6.99 shipping fee for each!! Total came to $40.97 instead of $16.99 I was expecting.

Who can't send these items in one shipment? The fact that they charge a shipping fee for each item shows what kind of ethics this sh***y company has. The reason I was charged for two items to begin with is that after you place your order there are about 3-4 screens that you have to go through and you have to decline each one or you'll be charged. i wasn't paying attention and I think I may have not declined on one screen, because I have never had that happen before. I've ordered numerous things on line and have never had this kind of problem before. Of course I've only dealt with reputable companies.

This company is a COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! DO NOT BUY anything from them!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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