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I called to order the slice-o-matic and I was never given a total or an invoice number, this is no way to do business. Today Im trying to cancel this order wont be part of an incomptent company.

If you post on facebook they delete your post and block you. Ive learned my lesson, I will never order anthing off tv again. I hope ppl read the reviews before they buy any product on tv.

I have ordered from tv before and never had a problem, but this has taught me a lesson for sure.

Thank you for nothing

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You're right about them deleting your posts on their social networking sites. That right there shows you there is no such thing as "customer service" with these people.

They outsource a bunch of people who barely speak English, for the most part, to essentially frustrate you into giving up and giving into their bogus charges. These people should be in jail - it is completely irrelevant if you order mediocre products from the television vs. a store. No company should be allowed to operate this way.

Contact the New Jersey attorney general, or the AG from your home state.

They should be able to help you out. Maybe if enough people contact him/her, something will be done about this fraudulent company.


I also got sliceO'matic it was a cheap far nothing about it was easy and the final result was awful. save your money a sharp kitchen knife works better, and saves frustration. :cry


Only suckers buy products sold on late night infomercials and QVC. You get what you pay for.

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