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I thought wow - a hose that anyone can use anywhere instead of carrying around those regular heavy hoses. I was telling everyone about the hoses.

So I bought 3 of them a month ago. One busted, near the connection, then the other hose busted similar area and yesterday the 3rd hose busted. Tried to leave word on twitter and facebook to company and received nothing. $60.00 wasted.

Unfortunately, I only saved one receipt. So dissapointing - the product and the company not getting back to you.

* now it’s asking for me to leave at least 100 words – if it would not have busted (all 3 hoses) I probably could.

Product or Service Mentioned: Telebrands Pocket Hose.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Alto Pass, Illinois, United States #717501

A friend bought one in July (2013( one for a weekend camping was light and small and easy to store...I used it twice and had to have one. The first week of August I bought 3 fifty foot hoses.

Two of them leaked at the end from day the end of the first week one had numerous pin-hole leaks that exploded about six inches of the hose..useless! By the beginning of week three I had one usable hose that had duct tape in four different places trying to control leaks. Did not keep packaging or receipts..advertised as ten year warranty...didn't think would need it.

Thought maybe my kids had been rough on them so bought two in first one with second use..the second sprung leaks in less than two month I spent over 100 dollars to make my watering chore easier..what an *** I must be!!! I am contacting customer service to see what they intend to do or not do..I am so pissed!!!

Laredo, Texas, United States #710873

I intended to get one or two to replace the old and heavy ones, but I had real doubts that these things will do the right job.


Me too. Mine blew out after about 2 months and I followed instructions to the letter (kept it out of sun, drained after use, etc.).

I turned the water on too hard one time and 'pow', it blew. I didn't save the package or the receipt and couldn't find any warranty info on the web either. Ended up tossing it. I had a feeling $15 for a hose was too good to be true anyway, but I had to try.

Bought a DAP X-hose instead.

Keeping the receipt and box this time. It was a bit more expensive, but at least it comes with a one year warranty.

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States #707504

Yup, same thing happened to me. It was great the first few times I used it, then without warning while watering the garden the thing just blew out.

I had not saved my receipt, so I had to eat the loss.

Save your money, buy a regular hose. This is carp!!

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #707427

The same thing happened to me, I bought 2 at different stores and had the receipt for one and brought it back and got another one. The same thing happened again now I am back to a rubber hose.

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