I currently own a 100-ft heavy weight, expensive hose that has lasted at least 10 years because I do not leave it out in the elements to deteriorate. After each use, I empty and roll-up and put in my garage.

I had to purchase the PocketHose for its light weight and compact features. I only used it to water my plants on my deck, and maybe once a week to wash vehicle. After each use I would remove drain, loosely wind up and hang in my garage. Needless to say, its been approx 2-months, I went to wash my vehicle, and the outside material on the hose tore apart, and the inner balloon which was super flimsy expanded and blew up.

Of course I do not have my receipt, and there is no warranty on the product.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #1355686

I have purchased 5 pocket hoses and not a single one has lasted more than 3 months.

When you go back to the store where you purchased to try and get a new one they no longer carry this version or its a different color for this year. They make the product out to be the best since sliced bread but the pocket hose does not last, period!!

Massachusetts, United States #872462

This lack of a receipt is what Pocket Hose is gambling on. Its an inferior product, plain and simple.

Even with a "lifetime" warranty, I tried to return 2 of them WITH receipt and only got half a refund.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #867848

Same thing as everyone else. Used it twice, it busted.

I was going to return it, but don't have the receipt. Guess I will suck it up and move on...lesson learned.

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