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Crank Chop

I returned a broken Crank Chop on April 24, 2018 for replacement per instructions from Bob Cooper. I sent with tracking via USPS.

It shows this item was delivered on April 28, 2018 at 9:41 a.m. I would like to know the status of this transaction, since I have not received a reply.


Star shower laser lights

I got this as as gift and I have no receipt for it. I plugged it in and it isn’t working at all.

I can’t return it to the store because I don’t have a receipt for it and I can’t get my money back because it was a gift and I can’t exchange it for another one because I don’t have a receipt.

I would like to have another one to replace the broken one. Is there any way your company will do that since the money was paid for it and it’s broken.


Top Brass II 75 ft. hose

My hose broke in the middle and the water burst out. How do I get a replacement since it is still under warranty.



Do have a slide for thanksgiving?


I ordered the grab bag (tm) didn't get all part's

I ordered the 2 pack off grab bags which have built in cart grab clips that clip onto supermarket tolleys I got 2 bags and 2 clips, but need 4 as u need 2 for each bag, can I get just the 2 clips so I can use them please


I bought my Mom a 50ft Hercules garden hose. Is there a 100 ft. or can you join two 50 ft hoses together?


I bought your DuraRib pocket hose (50ft) and the first time out it started to leak. How do I get a replacement?


I bought a pocket hose about 10month ago and the first time I used it it broke. how can I get replacement?

DO not have receipt now but could return hose.

where would I send it? please let me know.


just want to know where to send junk pans to.worst pans i ever bought.

Everything I cook sticks and yes I put them into the over twice still no help. I will be going on every site that sell this stuff and telling people that its a very bad product.

in fact may start a blog about it for people to comments and read . Never in my life have I bought such junk ,Have agreat day.


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