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I called Telebrands again they told me after 30 days I can send the one I don't want back they would take $5.00 off my order and refund one I send back.But I had to wait 30 days to send it back he said try it first what a joke.

So far I don't know if they took off my card waiting for bank statement.But if they don't you will hear from me again.

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2013

I tried ordering lightangel in boyfriends name ordered keep going back to put his address and name in, So I order in my name and it went through and said order confirmed where on boyfriend it DID NOT say that.Now they sent me two orders only wanted one.

I called and went on computer no help but when I called keep getting recording so I hung up then phone rang it was Telebrands I told them what happen and she said someone would call me back well I"m still waiting. This is how they rip peoples hard earned money off.

Why would I want two orders if I don"t even know if I like the light.THANK YOU

Monetary Loss: $34.

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I called the Telebrand number to order the Hurrican Spin Mop as advertised on TV for 39.95.After giving my shipping, credit card info to the recording as prompted, I was switched to a person in India who spoke very bad English and seemed very confused when I "tried" to give him my order for the mop and pail when he asked.

He insisted, more than once, that I buy more products, and when I said no, cancel my order, I was told "No, no cancel for 24-48 hour." I hung up. I tried calling to cancel 3 different times and received a recording that my order will be sent Jan. 27, 2014. I checked my credit card account and saw where I was charged $153, for what I don't know.

I will not accept any parcel delivered to my doorstep sent by this company nor will I pay any return shipping charges. I will also notify my bank not to pay any charges debited to my account by this company. I'm sure there are laws against this type of harassment to customers by these companies employees.

My experience was a complete nightmare and one I'll never forget!

to Sandy #763500

Sandy, they did the same to me.I placed an order and their computer ordering tried to get me to pay in full not once but 3 times.

I said NO, split the payment as advertised. Less than 30 min. later the full amount was billed to my debit card. I called to cancel and also spoke to Keith Miller who was obviously Indian and I had fits trying to understand him.

He gave me a cancellation number, which I wrote down, told me my account would NOT be billed until something had shipped and said not to worry. He also said the computer was jammed due to high volume and I should call again Christmas Eve (today) to verify cancellation. I called and was told my order was being shipped and turns out they put me down for THREE (3) Mop systems and were planning on taking the rest out next month. I asked for a supervisor and they wouldn't put one on the line.

Insist I refuse the order and wait for a refund. I'm filing with BBB and will NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. I'm livid.

I've worked for attorneys for years and this is blatantly illegal and fraudulent sales practices.We need to make sure everyone knows about this horrible, horrible company :(

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