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I'm on hold with Telebrands right now because my red light stopped working after about 3 days. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I tried to exchange it last night but they have been sold out for 3 weeks and are not getting any more in. From what I've read it looks like I can mail it in and get a new one from Telebrands but I don't know how much shipping will cost me to mail it in to them. I don't like that I have to pay out of pocket to get a replacement product. I might just return it to Bed Bath and Beyond.

:( Telebrands just told me the Star Shower only has a 60 day warranty and as I bought it in September my warranty has expired. I explained that although I bought it in September I did not open it and set it up until December and that it only worked for 3 days. They offered to sell me a new one. I declined.

It seems like a lot of people are having this same problem and the company has a short warranty so they don't really stand behind the product. Be prepared to be out $40 if you buy this product, unless you just want the green lights.

Product or Service Mentioned: Telebrands Pocket Hose.

Reason of review: Warranty issue & defective.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Preferred solution: Replacement Star Shower shipped to me free of charge and if the defective one needs to be returned a free return label sent to me..

Telebrands Cons: Warranty, Exchange and refund policy.

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I received FOUR of them as a gift. Initially bright then very very dim.

Total waste of time and money.

Extremely disappointed. Don’t buy


I bought 5 for Holidays 2 of them worked for a few days then lost color the other 3 were gifts pluged them in to make sure worked but would not light up, but says I can not return to store, I’m pissed out the money please help !!!


Add me to the list. Red lights stopped working the second week I had them . happened on two different sets.


Bought 2 different products of theirs. Star Shower Slide Show and Star Shower Laser Light (red/green lights only).

Slide Show arrived before Thanksgiving and power supply died 2 weeks later. Regular Star Shower light arrived 1 week before Christmas. Green light stopped working Christmas Eve.

Sad. Will never buy any of their products again.


As of today Dec. 15, 2017 the green light went out on mines.

It work perfectly fine the day before. When dark hit the star shower turn on and only the red light is on.


I had the very same thing happen to TWO of the same units that I bought!!


It is JUNK! Waste of $ Money.

Very short life, measure it in Hours after afew days use they Stop Functioning. China poor quality. One lasted a five days on atimer for 5 hours per day , thats 25 hours total, while another lasted 10 minutes.

You get the 30 day or 60 day warranty, we bought 3 months ago, but just started using, but, its from purchase date. Many neighbors same problem.


The green light went out on mine! Pos!


Mine too. In just 2 days


I bought 2 Star shower laser lights and in both of them the red laser stopped working after a month. I have e-mailed Telebrands and they don't even have the courtesy to return an e-mail.I will never buy their products again if the problem is not repaired


Red light stopped working. Very disappointed. Won’t buy another.


We had one of these that worked for one season. Plugged it in the next year and it did nothing.

Checked it over to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Looked for warranty on packaging and instructions to see how long it was. Could not find anything. Saw this post, 90 days no wonder they do not advertise warranty.

Disappointed. Don't think I will buy another.


My green light went out at 62 days and the company won't be helpful as I don't have original proof of purchase. Don't deal with this disrespectful company as repeat customers are not how they make their profits.


Bought 2 .m first one stopped working 2weeks later, 2nd one pulled out for this christmas does not work... Buyer beware $80. Gone read very poor customer service


Dead right out of the box.


Well my green light went out. After about a week.

From amazon. Hope that covers it.


Same problem with Starshower. I have 2 units & both red lasers quit working this year. I have green lasers only.


My green lights stopped working after only a week....


They are all bad. First one quit after 3 weeks last year so Telebrands replaced mine for free, now the new one shuts itself off after 2 hours.

Wont come back on. I will not buy another.


If purchased from Home Depot you would have gotten a 90 day warrant if that helps.

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