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TeleBrands will never see a cent from me again. I made the mistake of ordering BarkOff. $10 - buy 1 get 1 free. Somehow I ordered 2 and got 2 free.

I also ordered 1 AC adapter for $7.95. This order was placed online on April 14, 2010. It took a month and a half for the order to arrive and no AC adapter. A little note said it should arrive separately within a couple of days. I still don't have it.

They charged me $22.96 shipping for a package that could've shipped anywhere in the continental U.S., with delivery confirmation for $5. And to top it all of, BarkOff does not even work on any of my 4 dogs.


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@mine works.Those things work for a small percentage of dogs, but most of the time, nah.

We made the mistake of purchasing a $50 collar thatvmakes a high pitched sound. It worked once or twice.

Then Sammy would bark with the irritating sound.So we got a $50 shock collar and it worked great.


I also ordered two bark offs and the AC adapter.I never received the AC adapter but was charged for it.

When I called about it they said "you don't need and AC adapter.

It takes 9V batteries that you can buy anywhere" then said "thank you" and hung up.

My bark off does stop my dog from barking so that I am happy for but ti goes through batteries like crazy.

They sound like a bunch of shysters fro all the reviews I have read all over the web.


I just purchased Bark Off today at Target and it does not work.First of all, we can all hear the high pitched annoying sound it makes when our dog barks.

It also is triggered by medium/loud talking, so it was constantly making the high pitched noise every time we would have a conversation.Our dog did turn his head when he heard it the first time, and after that, he kept on barking!

I'm glad it has worked for some, but for us it did not and I would NOT recommend it to anyone.


I had two bark offs that worked great other than they went through 9v batteries like crazy.So I went to an Amazon website that sold adapters.

It was I clicked on the blue words for bark off adapter and was led to believe I was purchasing two adapters. After you're led through several "upgrade" offers you hit "submit". Then you get to see what you ordered.

I ended up ordering two more bark offs that I did not need. I immediately called the 1-800 number (several times because the sales reps would spout off somethings very quickly, and if you said, "say that again" they would just hang up. After realizing they were asking for my name, zip and product name, I finally reached a human who would speak to me. However, she said she could not help me because the ordering information wasn't available to her on her computer for 24-48 hours.

Mind you I gave her my name AND the ORDER number as I already had an email confirmation. I called the following MOnday and they said it had already shipped but they would give me a return authorization number. Turns out they didn't just charge the $6.99 for each device, but $27! That's more than the two bark offs cost!

Now I'm thinking that I just paid $47 for something that I don't need AND I don't know if I want to risk sending them back bc I might not get anything!

This company stinks and I just wanted to forewarn the world about their mode of operation!Don't do what I did!


I have read all the postings and don't know what to think.I bought mine yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10 and $6 for two batteries.

Since we turned it on, my 3 yellow labs that live in the house, have not barked since the first time. If this works, I would have paid 5 times the price. I believe that these things are of inferior quality and probably the people that say it doesn't work with their dogs, probably have one that doesn't work. People that say it works on their dogs were lucky enough to get one of these that work.

With no light to indicate the thing is on and no way to hear the sound the only way to tell is if the dogs stop barking.:)


:upset Telebrands has terrible customer service and their website is tricky too!I wanted to check my shopping cart and the next thing I knew my order was confirmed!

Took me from Thursday to Tuesday to cancel the order!!

I like the bark off but won't go through that!

Red Flag Warning for this company for sure!:upset


I purchased one, seemed like it worked but yet don't seem it is.Used about 3 batteries already,don't think thats working!be Tried getting an adapter but don't seem to get a website for me to order one.Now that sucks!


Not worth the money. My Cairn terrier barks right next to it. I turned it on high and I think I actually saw my dog laugh at me.


I purchased the BarkOff at the Fort Hood Post Exchange. I installed it about 3 feet off the floor in my bed room, well my dog can stand on the foot of my bed about even with the Bark Off and 3 to 4 feet away from it and he barks with no effect what so ever from BarkOff- It is a total waste of money. Never buy anything from these folks again.


All complaints of consumers scams and complaints everyone needs to call your DA in your state.This is the only way it will be taken care of.I ordered a ring I believe I'm going to have trouble..but we shall see.I have my DA's phone number handy..just in case

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