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I read and reread and printed from the Telebrands website regarding the Pasta Boat. I CLEARLY states you can order ONE item for $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. OR...IF YOU can get the bonus second Pasta Boat for the additional $6.99 shipping. I chose NOT to get the second one. And yet, when my order's invoice was processed it clearly states that I bought ONE Pasta Boat for $10.00 but was charged $13.98 for in DOUBLE THE AMOUNT printed on their website.

But here is the best part, when I called to cancel, they said they wouldn't have the order available to cancel for 24-48 hours. HA ! By then they would have already shipped it I am sure. They told me to "call back" in 24-48 hours to cancel.

I WILL do that, but you know the game. WASTE my time and hope I go away.

GGGGrrrrrrrrr......... I hade something like this happen with TELEBRANDS once long ago. SO now I am mad at myself for even thinking about trying it again. NEVER again !

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Good for you, Unbelievable! :) I can't believe these crooks are still in business.


:( :cry :sigh :? :upset :eek and that is about all I have to say about TELEBRAND MARKETING!! They should be forbidden to operate their business. Have reported them to the BBB, Attorney General and blogged every *** website I can find about their bad, deceitful business practices!!!

Krasnoznamensk, Moscow, Russian Federation #381942

This Telebrands is a rip-off. There where 6 charge on the pasta boat on my credit card. W

hen i told them that i did not order this that the company was at fault. They stated that they will be sending me the labels to put on the box.I been waiting for a month just to get labels to return the items.

This company is ***!!!!!! :(

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #324942

Ordered 2 pasta boats and they sent 4. They also billed #27.96 for shipping.

They make their cash on S & H charges. First and LAST TIME I buy from Telebrands.

They attorney general offices of several states will be made aware, I am sure. They are dishonest - STAY AWAY>


I didn't hesitate to complain about Pasta Boat when they sent me a double order against my wishes. Now its time to give credit for good customer response.

My complaint to them resulted in a credit for all but ONE shipping/handling charge. Now I have 3 Christmas gifts well in advance.


These companies will push a legitimate product, but their sales tactics are anything but legitimate. They will double/ triple your order, charge you for deluxe express shipping, etc. Just go to the inconvenience and contact your bank to reverse the charge and refuse the shipment.


If you like this product, buy it from a store. This company will upgrade your product and the shipping even though you declined.

My BOGO offer ended up costing me $40 instead of the $24 they advertised.

I will return the shipment and cancel my bank transaction. LET THE BUYER BEWARE !!!


The safest way to try products such as these is to wait until it gets to Walmart. Then you can just take it back if you have a problem.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #230243

OMG!!! I just totally got scammed by them also.

You buy an item for $10.00 and get charged $13.98 for handling charges.Are they kidding? I am so pissed..How can they get away with this???

I am going to call my bank tomorrow and see what I can do. I will not let this rest.


Okay, so here's the deal. I ordered two pasta boats and did the upgrade to skip the shipping.

Then, there was a deal for a "free trial" that included sending me a fifty dollar voucher for walmart and a twenty dollar credit towards my order that day. *** me, I didn't write down the number to call to cancel the trial before thirty days.

They ended up charging me forty dollars for the "free trial." is there anyone that possibly has that number or the name o the website to go to regarding that deal? The name of the deal had "value" in it, but for the life of me I can't remember anything else.


:p i have ordered several times from Telebrands ~ the first time freaked me out... tried to order a pillow and was charged for four.

no way to stop the order, no way to change the order.

HOWEVER ~ prior to being billed (and before items shipped) i received a phone call stating they were about to ship and the order was corrected. some of the products are great (pasta boat ~ even though we rarely use it) and some are not (Shed Vac didn't work on our dogs, long hair cat or carpets but does work on our short hair cats and clothes...) love John's comment because it's true ;) i would be willing to try some of their products again


oops...I meant "Obama"


LOL...Gotta love the Oboma remark.






I ordered a pasta boat, buy one get one, all you pay is shipping for the second. My $10.00 order ended up costing me $40.00!!

The piece of junk chopper was broke before I even used it. When I called them they INSISTED I ordered the pasta boat in a special color which I did not .They said someone would call in 48 hours to discuss it with me but no one ever did.They said I could return all at MY EXPENSE!! Another $20.00 thrown away When I said I would keep all they gave me a $10.00 credit which I still have not got in [2] weeks. !!

Live and learn they say. Don't buy from this high pressure rip off company.


This company is a scam. After you have placed your order, exhorbitant shipping charges are added which you are not informed of until after your order is being processed.

I ordered a $10. pastaboat and was charged $40. for shipping. Since there is no longer a Concord, would this be shipped by Lear Jet?

Air Bus 380?

Air Force One?

This company should be the object of a class action suite!


I pretty much never order anything from the tv after the disaster I had with acai berry weight loss pills. Charge after charge after charge.

Anyhow ya from now on, I wait for them to hit the local walgreens "as seen on tv" shelf.

On a happier note, the pasta boat was one of the best investments I ever made, because it saves me so many dishes to wash and allows me to make all the pasta a italian girl could eat without messing with the stove or pots or pans. :)


I ordered the buy one get one free. Besides it being a peice of junk I kept it.

2 weeks later I seen another charge for pasta boat on my account. I called them and they said "2 orders were place one on Sept 2 and one on Sept 3." I asked they why I would want 4 of these junks...and if that was the case why did it take 2 weeks for the second order to be placed?" Funny no one has the answer to it. I got here is what I can do if youe will to exept the second oeder I can take $5.00 off now...would you like to accept that $5.00 refund?" I lost it and said "No I never ordered the 2nd cause my account to over draft and I want money refunded now." I amazing they can't credit the full amount but they god get me a $5.00 credit right then in there to shut up. They said we will not pay for your over draft Mam...bit if you take the return number down and send it back you should see a cridit in 7-10 days after we receive it back, Hummm ...

it takes 2-3 weeks (according to them to get 2-3 more weeks for me to send it back and the another week or 2 to refund??? We are talking 2 to 2 1/2 mos for a refund. BUt the best part is they never send a thank-you for your order on the supposenly 2nd shipping info...NOTHING...but on the first one I got it all. I NEVER got the 2nd order there for I can't return it.

I only wish there was a lawyer out there that could help people like us out.

This is how and why BIG CONPANIES get away with ripping off the little guys. Lets satnd to gether...lets not let them get away with this AGAIN!!!!


Gawd, have you people never ordered anything from infomercials before?

Anytime you hear, "But wait! If you order now..." you must understand that the "free" items and the additional S/H are usually automatic. So, before making your decision to buy, think: "This is selling for $9.99 + $6.99 S/H + another $6.99 S/H for the "free" stuff."

Know that you are spending 24 bucks.

C'mon, this is common knowledge and just common sense.


To Margaret Jpnes

You should not make fun of pewople who have had bad experiences with this company and their products. We DID read everything word for word.....I assume you must work for them so you can blame the consumers rather than the company.

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