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I suffered through a HORRIFIC automated ordering process to order 3 "EZcombs" for my daughter. The voice activated prompter took my credit card information and then kept me on the phone for over 20 minutes with "additional special 'today only' offers." I repeated responded with "no" to each offer.

There was no way to get out of the voice loop but I was afraid to hang up because they had my credit card number. FINALLY, they "completed" my order for $23.99. A few days later, I got a follow up call from a customer service person making sure I was satisfied. I said "no." She "confirmed" that I was only being charged $23.99.

Today, my "order" arrived with about 5 extra items and an invoice for $47.95. When I called to complain, the customer service "supervisor" said the best she could do was credit me $10 or refund the extra $23.97, but I would have to pay for shipping to return the items since "I placed the order". I told her I would not pay for shipping something I DID NOT order. She said it was the best she could do and that they had no record of my original call.

This is ridiculous. Horrible service.


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I bought my EZ combs at CVS years ago. I like them for the most part, although sometimes they dig into my head or slip out.

I couldn't find the online styling guide either. I'm going to call their customer service about that.

I did find some free online styling videos for a similar product called HairZing (the website is their name followed by dot com). You could look at those in the meantime.


There was a small booklet in my package call step by step styling guide. On the back cover of this was the website for the online styling guide. It's


This free video , what free video !!!!!! what a joke !!!!

i am actually laughing, this is the most outrageous thing i have come across for ages.

false advertising , i think so !!! WE SHOULD ALL SUE !!!!!!!


Agreed - where on earth is is "free online styling video"??????????????????? :cry :?


yes i have looked and looked but no video


I bought an EZ Comb also. On the back of the package are instructions for a "free online styling video".

I went online and tried to find the website. If you can find the video online, you're a better detective than me!

I agree--this company is a joke! :(

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