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I recently purchaced a item over the phone from this company, and very clearly rejected all other offered purchaces. But imediatly afterwards checked to make sure no other purchaces were made, and not only can i not reach anyone to confirm, but when i called to check my credit card status, it showed that they had withdrew $98.00.

I am extreamly distraught because my purchace was only supposed to be $19.95 with shipping and handeling.

I am very angry and don't know who to go to about this. I hope there is someone out there that can help.

sincerly, Kati Gessler

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telebrand advertised on TV 2 chef baskets for 14.99 w/free shipping, and a second set free just pay shipping and handling. that comes to 25.89, my credit card was charged 63.92.

continuous calls to telebrand got me no satisfation. how does one fight this?


I also called for one (1) pedipaw. I refused on the recording any additional pedipaws.

I called for days to make sure that they had the right order. When They were able to find it in the system they said "you ordered 2" I said know it was only one. I pulled up my bank account today and $50.96 is missing. I called them again and they said the order has already shipped.

This company needs to go out of bussiness. They are ripping people off and it needs to stop!!!!

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