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I ordered my PetiPaw by internet with a confirmation of order on 8/11/08. On 9-4-08 I found a telephone number and called.

They had no record of order even with order confirmation.. On 9/12/08 they drew the money from my account and to this day I have not heard from them, nor can I get an answer at that phone number. Seems a little fraudulent to me. I would not have ordered from TeleBrands of I knew it was them.

Twice I have had problems with them. And my pups nails are twice as long as they should be.

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the pedi-paws are available at local stores now...but they are kind of hard to use on little dogs (chihuahua sized). But I think they would work much better on large dogs,

good luck


I too had waited forever for my petipaws order, It took about 2 months but I did finally receive it. Be patient it will arrive. :grin

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