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The automated phone ordering system for Telebrands is a massive waste of time and essentially a 15-minute (or more) sales pitch. I wanted to order Bark-off after seeing the ads and reading on-line reviews, so I phoned them last night (June 6).

I gave my credit card info to the automated voice, but then had to listen to a variety of sales pitches for other items, for upgrades, for faster mail service, etc. (Delivery by "normal" mail would take 3 to 6 weeks!) All of this was delivered in an annoyingly perky, loud voice.

After 15 minutes, I gave up and hung up. I called their customer "service" line the next day to be sure I had no order, but got a guy with marginal English telling me they had no complaint department and to call back in "24 to 48 hours" to be sure the order was cancelled.

My credit card company is now on the lookout, but people should be warned before they deal with Telebrands, at least on the phone.

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Buyer Beware. Whether ordering by phone or on-line, if you hear of see the name Telebrands, STOP at once, go no further! You will be charged outrageous shipping and handling charges you will know nothing about until it is too late!

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