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I wish I would have found this page last week. I am so angry I told these people I was going to call my lawyer on them. I have been trying for 6 days now to cancel an order that I placed with this worthless company. I kept on getting told call back tomorrow, well tomorrow came and went and all I kept on getting was your order is not in our system, I will place a 24 to 48 hold on this order. Well guess what, yeah 24 hours NOT. 24 hours maybe India time, it was not a 24 hour hold let a lone 48.

I don't know who this guy is that he thinks he can rip people off but he better watch out. Someday he will get his and then he will be broke begging on the street corner.

The only good thing about all this I went to my bank and they are all set to send a dispute through soon and this is taken out of my account.

Would be nice if someone would take him down and run him out of the USA!!!

Signed one angry AMERICAN WOMAN!!!!!

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Bought the Supreme 90 DVD's at Target and made the mistake of ordering the abs DVD using the phone number for $5.99. It tries to sell you a bunch of stuff starting with a pull up bar and going on to travel discounts and "amethyst earrings." Who would want that from a fitness site?

I kept saying "NO" and it said "You have declined (whatever)" but when it got to the vitamins I said "NO" and it said "Thank you." Kept going and no review or confirmation at the end of the call. Called customer service in the morning. "Your order's not in the system, call tomorrow." Called tomorrow same story. And the next day.

That night I see my order on the GETORDERSTATUS website. So I call in the morning. "We can't change your order IT'S BEEN SHIPPED." Really. Before the bank paid.

The website says it's on 10-15 day backorder. But it's been shipped. Sure enough despite four calls they billed me $65.96 for vitamins I did not order and do not want.

DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER. Google "Telebrands complaints" or "Telebrands ripoff." I wish I had!

Gretna, Louisiana, United States #231564

that sounds like my situation......*sigh*

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