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Telebrands Top Brass Pocket Hose Review from Winter Park, Florida
New pocket hose black Same defected hose as green hose Sam tara Do not buy tgis product, terrible. Waste of good money. Do not believe what you see Ty Sam Tara Fl
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John I have been returning your hoses due to "bursting" for about 3 years. Great concept but unfortunately very poor execution. It must be a real nuisance for Home Depot and Walgre...

Spouse bought yesterday.Tried to use today, to replace a 75ft rubber contractor hose I have been using for over 12 years. Blew up as I was walking to sprinkler to check yard coverage. Only BRASS is the anatomy of the marketers. $50 bucks down the drain. Stick with the...
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I didn't like
  • Most of the product hype
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I ordered two of the 100' Pocket Hose Top Brass models, and though one of the two sprung a large leak after minimal use, Telebrands Customer service was very responsive and immediately placed an order to have a free replacement sent to me. They are not the...
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Telebrands Top Brass Pocket Hose Review

Purchased pocket hose one year ago and just recently it began to leak 1foot from shut off valve. About three after the leak the hose burst. I have always shut the water off after use just for this reason. Never did have much faith in this product.
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