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I ordered the Chef Basket from Telebrands online. A $14.95 product (supposedly 2 for 1) turned into $63.92 when order was submitted. The site is set-up for deception and there is now way to "print" the order when completed.

I called the company immediately to cancel. I was told it would take 48 hr to show in the system, to call back to "make sure it got cancelled." I did this 3 times and each time told the same thing. Finally, the last call I made was told it was "handled."

Six weeks later, our account was charged $63.92. I called and asked why and was told the order had shipped. I complained and got the usual, "OH, so sorry" speech.

After reading the other complaints, I guess we got out easy. I am contacting my bank to be sure that Telebrands cannot pull anymore money for any reason from our account. Buyer Beware!

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on 12/26/10 Iordered the chef basket on line from telebrand, the total of the order was $51.83, I never heard anything until second week in february, they send a card say they were getting ready to ship order, but if I no longer wanted the order to sign and return the post card, next day I check my account and they had charged my account $63.92, I tried calling sutomer service but got nowhere. **TO ME IT IS DISGUSTING HOW THESE PEOPLE KEEP DOING THIS AND ARE STILL ALLOWED TO DO BUSSINESS**

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