I have had nothing but a BAD BAD field day with telebrands..That company is the biggest rip off company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The pedicure..My 3 dog's cried! I will assume that the dogs in the commercial are trained well OR the item is turned OFF and thus meaning the animals will NOT react negative to the item. As for the EZ Comb..Another piece of garbage.

I can only imagine the time they use makeing these commercials to make it look easy just so they can fraud the customers.

Also on each occasion without personal and prior approval they have sent out jewlery each time. A Sterling Silver pair of earrings and a neckalce that both turned my skin GREEN after just a few hours of wearing them..Charge: $53.97. This was taken from my credit card without authorization from me.

This company has had nothing that I can speak of that has been worth the money or that I have given permission to go onto my credit card and get.

The complaints I made to the customer service people got me NO WHERE..NONE of them spoke english! The english was so broken because of non american workers that you can not understand what they are saying. All Calls to them led me to a diffeant person and a differant call taker every single time. I would ask for someone speaking better english and I was told it would be a very long wait and they can not transfer. They would need me to keep calling until I get a fluent english spoken person. I can go on and on with the diception this company has done to us. however, it will be an all nighter to tell you about how they rip people off..Trust us on here when we tell you, they will rip you off...They also prey on the elderly in hopes of confusing them into more money spent. I had to work on countless things they did to my parents over the phone. And now I am having my lawyer handle it on the magic jack, the EZ Comb and the Pedicure...I just hope my lawyer can speak their language..!!

Review about: Telebrands Customer Care.

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