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Ordered 6 items from Telebrands.None sent.

Got a postcard way after the fact stating the orders were being cancelled. Telebrands has made a fortune for pitchman and CEO AJ Khubani, but the success of his company seems to be built upon a churn and burn philosophy rather than on any semblance of customer service. This company is a textbook case in how NOT to run a business, and as soon as enough people wise up, my opinion is that Telebrands will be gone.

Don't waste your money or your time on this terrible, terrible company and their second-rate products.There are plenty of reputable companies on the net, but Telebrands is not one of them.

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LOL.This company sucks and they KNOW it.

It's how they make money, hoping they can charge people five times what they actually spent without them noticing or being strong enough to fight back.It's sick, and I can't figure out why they haven't been shut down yet, other than they are paying someone in high places not to put them all in jail.


Second try!Bought TeleBrands MyZone headphones.

Surprised to learn it's a radio, too, as ads don't say so. Set it up as instructed, but will only work when TV volume is UP! Whole idea is to NOT disturb others as you listen on headphones. Cust.

Serv. said disconnect and start over; same result. Even then, the "100ft" transmitter FAILS only a few feet away, or even when my wife turned her head! Didn't open package until 30 day return almost up, so I guess we're just another screwed-over old couple.

Oh, they offered to send us $9.99, and I think another headset.

That would leave us out ONLY $29.00 or so!And what would we do with a THIRD set of headphones that don't work as advertised?


Why would your site zap my complaint about Telebrands just because I FORGOT to enter a "security code". Couldn't you simply tell me I forgot it, and give me another try? Now I'm pissed at TWO companies!


I also ordered from Telebrands, they related that the money had not been charged to my card, as it had not been shipped. I had to prove to them they had taken the money from my credit card, and still have not received reimbursement for the purchase order that they cancelled, and no reason was given for the cancellation????


:p I belive this is a great company!!!!!!

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