Don't buy from this company they will rip you off and over charge your credit card. Call your credit card account and cancel your order.

I did.the ads on tv are miss leading and don't order from the phone number on the screen or your computer.The wallets are not good as they say they are on tv. so be a smart shopper and don't buy this product.

you'll be sorry if you do. take it from me i know first hand and the company tryed to rip me off, but i stop payment with the credit card people.

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Hey! I too bought one of these so called Aluminum wallets based on the advertisements that attracted me.

But I see them all over eBay and I bought mine there delivered from China for $12.50. Got it and am totally disappointed in it. It does seem to be made of all plastic and maybe (big maybe) outside sliver of thin aluminum covering an all plastic case. Besides, there is no room to fit USA dolloar bills or driver's licenses/registration cards in this wallet!

It only can hold credit cards! nothing else! What a SHAM! Gladly though I got a refund from the ebay seller after complaining about its all plastic!


AVOID this junk. :(


the aluminum wallet is not aluminum they are plastic, they are thieves, better business bureau has no listing for them either

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