My boyfriend and I purchased the Alumawallet for his grandmother for her birthday in January. She has always been worried about the RFID scanners so when we saw the infomercial we thought it would be perfect for her. We Placed the order January 13 and also purchased the fastest shipping (even though it cost more than the wallet itself) because her birthday is on the 20th and we wanted to make sure we would have it within the 3 to 5 business days.

Her birthday came around and we still had no wallet so we got her a card with an IOU and told her that her gift should be arriving any day. Another week went by (a total of 11 business days) and still nothing so we decided to call.

We spoke to someone who clearly did not understand much English and there was a lot of noise in the background (probably other angry customers) which made it hard for her to hear us. After taking all of our information she told us that we will be charged 3 days prior to the shipping and that is how we will know it is on the way. We told her that on our credit card bill it showed that the money has already been taken out of the account and she told us that it will be put back in within the next 7-10 business days and that they need to do that to make sure their customers have the correct funds in their account before it is shipped.

We were very angry to say the least. We asked when the expected ship date was and she told us February 24!!! after we told her that that date is almost a month and a half after placing the order she told us that all the customers know it will take that long and no one else ever complains about it. I asked why there are different shipping prices (express, regular) and she said that if you pick 3-5 business days then that means you will receive it within 3 to 5 business days of the shipping date (over a month later).

We were very angry and asked to speak to a supervisor and she said he was at a very important meeting and she would take our number and he will call the instant he got out. No call...

We waited until the end of February to see if it would actually come. Still nothing. The charge was still on our credit card and it was getting close to 2 months after we ordered the product.

It is now almost 2 and a half months after we ordered it and still nothing. we have called a few times and have asked for the supervisor and he has either been in a meeting, out of the office and we were even told once that he was in the bathroom, when we said we would wait for him to get out the call operator said it was going to take a while. We called again today and we were told the expected ship date has been bumped back to APRIL 24!!!!! Are you kidding!?!?! That means if it actually ships on that day we will finally get the product THREE AND A HALF MONTHS LATER!!!

This company is a scam!! Since it was taking so long we asked for the money back and they responded no refunds. The alumawallet is a good idea but the company is a fraud!!!!

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:x cheap wallet ! The hinge has broken after just a week and.

I am not as big and heavy as a truck. Pure junk a scam at the least !!!


The Aluma Wallets are now in stores. But when you get one it won't make you feel any better.

I bought one and the cheap plastic latch that holds the 2 aluminum pieces together broke already! Who makes an aluminum wallet and a plastic latch? Very CHEAP!

the company did you a favor! trust me!

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