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i thought i ordered the 2 for 10 so i ordered 4 but they ask for your credit card first so i should of knon not to but they said i owe 154,00 no i dont want them for that so i tried to cancell but cant get a hold of them so i dont want it and hope i can get them before they try and chsrge me that out ragest price carrie bozsoki so how do i get them before they charge my card i cant afford thAT FOR 4 WALLETS PLEASE SO PUT NUMBER ICAN CAL

Monetary Loss: $154.

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Thanks for the head's up!

Will check Amazon or E-Bay for similar product.


Ihave ordered for 2 for 10 which totalled $22.97.There is no confirmation that my order is complete and sumitted. Why Iam writing this is that,initially I made mistake and put 2 wallets instead of one.There was no column to rectify the mistake.Iam scared that I shall be charged the first option of a tatal of $41.98 instead of $22.97 for one order plus bonus of one.Please check rectify. ISAAC


Through online advertise and as seen on TV: Buy 1 Alluma wallet and get 1 free, also free shipping so I did order it by credit card but they charge for 01 wallet and $11.98 for shipping ..I did call to cancel my order twice times and on the 3rd time next following day they said SORRY my order was processed and it on the way shipping ??? So how do you think about it ? Bad company and they trick customers...Every body be careful before to order it ....


:( I placed in order online about 2 months ago and have not gotten them yet I tried to call all the numbers that I found on here and on their web sits but could never get to a person. If you havent ordered this yet dont.


They got me too. They charged me over $54.

I still want the wallet so I'll be on the phone forever it sounds like. :(


:( my mother in law ordered these after she saw the Tv ad for buy one get one free with free S/H. thought it was agood deal.

NOT. they try to charge her $99 for a $20 order she told them to cancel.(placed order on phone soshe still had the #) but what a paoin in the A**.


This company is a fraakin' joke. I saw the advertisement on TV and went to place an order online.

When you order, you are not given a total until your order is processed, and guess what . . . they charge you a *** of a lot more than what you are expecting, try 3 TIMES MORE!!!

I was on hold FOREVER trying to get Customer Service (guess they were busy getting yelled at as well). THey informed me that they had no way of being able to check on my order status and that I had to wait 24 hrs. - 48 hrs. and then call them back to have the transaction reversed.

THey didn't email email an order confirmation so, within 30 minutes of placing my order and waiting for ever on the phone to complain, I simply cancelled my credit card and reported them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE PEOPLE, THIS IS A SCAM !

! !


If you can't get this company to give your money back, if they haven't taken it yet. Just stop payment on the order to your bank. And explain to your Bank. I had this happen to me with another product I was going to buy and my bank helped me out. Thank goodness for once it worked out for me with a problem such as everyone is having in here.

I was going to buy Aluma Wallet online and usually most honest companies have a 1-800 number on website but, this one didn't. Only on the TV was one. So, I go thinking maybe I should check into any complaints and I found you guys.

Sorry to read about all your headaches with trying to buy what looks like a honest Co. that understands the dilemma people having a need for compact wallets with security against thieves. Too bad they seem like they are just one rip-off scam also.

Thank you all for taking the time to write in about your comments on this Aluma Wallet.

Good Luck in getting your money back or your wallets finally.


Here is there contact information

TeleBrands Customer Service

Telebrands Customer Care

Aluma Wallet

79 Two Bridges Road

Fairfield, NJ 07004

1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)



:( total scam the price they say on tv is not the same they have on their online page. DO NOT ORDER THE ALUMA WALLETS!!!!!!


I just saw the commercial on tv for the first time. I was totally impressed with the wallet.

Right now I have my cc wrapped in aluminum foil. It's a pain in the a--, but it works. After reading these reviews, I AM NOT BUYING THIS WALLET. It' sounds like a great, practical and safe item to have.

This company is selling something to help keep people and their finances safe.

How freakin ironic that their going to rip you off before anyone elce gets a chance.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to warn the rest of these nasty and corrupt people. I hope they know, "What goes around, comes around" SO BE DECENT AND GIVE THE PEOPLE BACK THEIR $$$$$


I also ordered these aluma wallets way back in October,2010 I just received two post cards confirming 2 and 2 wallets, the 2nd post card is confirming 1 and 1, I also thought that my order did not go through because everything dissappeared off my computer screen that's when i thought it was a scam because i did'nt get an order number, the post card gives you the option to cancel the order or do nothing and your shipment will arrive within 30 days, guess what i'm canceling, there is no mention of dollar amount to be charged to my card. Thanks for your input you helped me decide what to do. The company name is Telebrands, 1 Telebrands Plaza, Fairfield, NJ 07004


If you go to the site the mention on the commericial , and go all the way to the bottom of the page in the small print area you will see a link stating something to the effect that the product is being sold by or through Telebrands. Here is the good news Telebrands is a member of the B.B.B.

And that means that you can go through the bbb to get your problems with this company resolved after of course attempting to resolve your problem with the company on your own but make notes that include what you were agreeing to buy and what they did wrong who you spoke to at the company to try to resolve the issue the time and date of each call the customer service reps extension or company issued I.D. Number because all of this is what the bbb will need to help get your case resolved. And lastly go to click on lookup a business and search for Telebrands Headquarters it will bring up a page of all of the company's contact info. I would suggest that you try calling someone in the headquarters office and see if they might be a little bit more accomadating and more quickly responsive in clearing up any problems you had to go through so far.

Hope thaht you find this info helpful.

Good luck. Sorry this was so long.


Thank you for your warning aboutaluma wallet's fraudulent sales practice.

I became suspicious before ordering when they had no eMail point of contact for questions. I then did some on-line research and found several concerns like yours.

You saved me some aggravation and money.


these people are thieves avoid like the plaque. customer service is a runnaround. they want your credit card first then they charge whatever without permission.


contact your credit card company an cancell the order there...

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