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your company has all ready taken $55 from my account,not only have i cancel the order getting but have asked for the refund of over charge. this concerns alum wallet for order 6526118 moxtstores and catalogs sell this for 14.95 at this rate ill be paying 3 times the amount for a pieceof tin.

im sure your company is fair and honest but as of this date i dont see it.

just take my paper works and refund my money. thank you and god bless if you want more words by statment shows feb, Jan,and march judigochanour

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I too, had a problem with Almuna Wallet, only I got my issue resolved (by luck).

As i say in my second review, NEVER ORDER from those automatic ordering telephone numbers, ever!

Not only is it almost impossible to find a live person to talk to, but they'll also lie in order to keep your money.

Sometimes all we can do is learn from our mistakes and I'd gladly pay $23.00 to learn the lesson I learned from these jerks!!!!!

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